April 9, 2010

Wildlife rehabilitators are unique individuals. Laura Corsiglia is a surrealist painter (see photo below), working with her husband Monte Merrick, a poet. While Gigi was in human hands, Monte and Laura provided consistent care. Now they’re freelancing along the west coast with a group called bird ally x, helping out where needed, and pursuing their art projects. In March we filmed “The Perfect Room,” their performance art salon, and shot some scenes in the Winnebago where they live, as well as their prep for an aquatic bird workshop at the National Wildlife Rehabilitator Conference.

Bob Risebrough lent the project his Anacapa slides from the late 60s, which show many nests with thin, broken eggshells caused by DDT. Because of a lawsuit filed by the Environmental Defense Fund, DDT was eventually banned and the pelicans made a comeback. Bob’s slides will help tell that story visually.

In late March we showed the film clip at CA Audubon’s annual staff retreat in Pt. Reyes, and are excited about partnership possibilities. Anna Weinstein, Audubon’s Seabird Conservation Coordinator, will accompany our August shoot in Anacapa.

Heron Painting by Laura Cossiglia


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