January 11, 2010

We did our first shoot in central California last week. Dani Nicholson, a wildlife rehabilitator who works with Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay, also sometimes takes care of pelicans in her yard, along with nine chickens and a goose. We filmed this peaceful menagerie, including “Morro,” the young bird in the photo, who has a hurt wing but perches easily on a planter. Dani knows a lot about pelicans, having worked with them for eight years, and she just got her first tattoo – a pelican flying across her back – which says a lot about how she feels about them. We’ll film her again when the fledglings start showing up next summer, and we’ll follow Morro’s progress as well. It isn’t broken, but his wing doesn’t seem to want to heal.

Morro the Pelican


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