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November 8, 2012

November 9, 2012

For the past couple of years Morro has been hanging out with 8 chickens, 2 geese, and a duck, but he hasn’t had a pelican buddy since Toro and Chorro flew away. That changed last week, when a young pelican named Bodega arrived with an injured wrist.

Young Bodega at the instant he noticed the camera.

The six-month-old pelican was found dumpster diving at a fish cleaning station in Bodega Bay, and later developed a severe wrist infection. He stayed for several months at International Bird Rescue in Fairfield, then was transferred to Dani and Bill’s backyard rehab facility via the SPCA in Monterey.

After a short hazing period in which Morro taught Bodega the rules of the bird yard (“That’s my perch! That’s my pool! That’s my bowl of fish!”), they are now fast friends. Bodega follows Morro everywhere. They preen, waddle, eat, and sleep near each other.

No one knows whether Bodega will someday be able to fly. If he does, great; if not, he will become an “educational pelican” like Morro and they will have each other. Part of me hopes, of course, that Bodega will fly free again. That’s what Dani and Bill want. Part of me, though, doesn’t want to see Morro disappointed and lonely again. Only time will tell.