December 11, 2012

The lucky young bird, Bodega (see photo in previous post), did heal up and he was able to fly away, so he’s a wild pelican out there somewhere on the Pacific coast right now. Another possible partner for Morro showed up fairly quickly at Pacific Wildlife Care, the rehab facility in Morro Bay. Oceano, named for the town where he was picked up, has a wing injury similar to Morro’s, and only time will tell whether it will be too painful for him to endure, or whether it will heal up enough that he could be pain-free. Several vets agree that his injury will not allow him to fly again. So the choices for Oceano are different from Bodega’s: not freedom versus captivity, but captivity versus euthanasia.

Blue-eyed Morro stares at brown-eyed Oceano. He seems interested in everything about the new arrival.

Blue-eyed Morro stares at brown-eyed Oceano. He seems interested in everything about the new arrival.

Maybe it’s the fact that they’re closer in age (Oceano is also an adult, a year or two younger than Morro), but the two birds immediately hit it off. I filmed their meeting, and was struck by how differently Morro treated Oceano compared to Bodega during those first few hours. There was no “hazing” from Morro – he let Oceano jump onto “his” perches, let him eat “his” fish. Morro even jumped up on a small perch to try to get as close as he could to Oceano. The perch was so small that he couldn’t balance there, so Dani set up another perch so the birds could be together. The jury is still out on Oceano’s elbow injury, but I’ve got my fingers crossed, once again, that Morro has found his friend.

Meanwhile I’ve been editing up a storm, and I now have a 92-minute rough cut that I’ll show to several friends and filmmakers to get feedback. The plan is to prep another rough-cut version for an early spring screening at a larger venue, soliciting feedback from you, my audience, so I can finalize the structure and story line of “Pelican Dreams.”


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One Response to “December 11, 2012”

  1. Sarah Says:

    What a marvelous photo! No surprise there; your photos always tell a marvelous story.

    So glad to hear that Morro took to Oceano right away. Long may their friendship prosper! 😀

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