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April 16, 2013

April 16, 2013

Most brown pelican adults have flown south by now, and are breeding, laying eggs, and rearing chicks on protected islands in Baja and the Channel Islands. This breeding plumage adult was photographed by William Woodcock in the Berkeley Marina shortly before the bird probably migrated south.

adult in breeding plumage

note the lovely multi-colored pouch and blue eye

We’ve had two rough-edit screenings of the first half of “Pelican Dreams” over the past month: one at Ohlone Audubon, one at the Studio for Urban Projects — as well as a screening of the full rough cut at Haverford College in PA. Questionnaires were filled out by the large student/adult audience, and we’re now revising the edit based on that feedback.

It’s crucial to get audience responses before the film is released, so that it works for a large, general audience. Especially helpful is feedback related to areas that are confusing to first-time viewers. It’s quite easy to fix those spots. Structural issues also come up, such as how and when to include “troubles” that pelicans run into, and how to interweave scientific information with the more personal stories of individual pelicans. I love editing, so none of this is a chore; it’s a challenge, though!