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October 22, 2013

October 22, 2013
dani's back yard

A goose, a duck, a chicken, and a pelican!

That’s Dani Nicholson in her “magical kingdom” yard in Cayucos. We just got back from a trip to southern and central California that included some lucky film shoots, including a visit to Morro in his yard, and a visit to Pebble Beach, where we finally got some slow-motion shots of pelicans “surfing” the wave crests. Lovely!

adult surfs crestA

When a pelican’s life in the wild is going well, it goes very very well. They were so clearly enjoying themselves, it was a joy to watch. Pelicans are such accomplished fliers!

Meanwhile editing and fundraising continue. We’ve now shot almost everything we need and are working out the final structure. Lucy Phenix, a friend and colleague, has been consulting on the editing and it’s great to have another set of eyes on the footage.

We still have major lab expenses ahead of us, and look forward to working with “pelican angels” to bring in the funds we need.