July 24, 2014

theatrical movie poster

theatrical movie poster

Thanks to 356 Kickstarter backers, we’re now able to finish post-production on “Pelican Dreams,” including all those pricey items like: final sound recording, editing, and mixing; transferring standard definition footage to HD via “Dark Energy” and “Teranex;” transferring film shots directly from 16mm negative to HD; color finishing with wizard Gary Coates; designing a theatrical movie poster; working on a theatrical trailer and press kit; and starting outreach to long-lead-time publications like Audubon Magazine and Cornell Ornithology Lab’s Living Bird. Could not have done it without you! Bookings so far:

World Premiere – October 24th, Balboa Theater, San Francisco, and Elmwood Theater, Berkeley.

San Jose Premiere – October 31st, Camera 3 Theater.

East Coast Premiere – Nov. 7th, Angelika Theater (downtown NYC) and Lincoln Plaza Theater (uptown NYC)

Southern California Premiere – Nov. 7th at the Royal Theater (LA), the Playhouse (Pasadena), and the Town Center (Encino)

Santa Cruz Premiere – Nov. 7th at the Nickelodeon Theater

San Luis Obispo Premiere – Nov. 14th at the Palm Theater – with a special appearance by avian film star “Morro” on Nov. 15th!

More bookings to come. Check back for details. The film will play at these theaters as long as people come to see it, not just the first day, so please help spread the word. We will plan something special for the San Francisco World Premiere: Maybe we’ll meet out at the beach, look for pelicans soaring along the coast, then walk up to the Balboa, see the movie, and have a party nearby afterwards. Save the date!


One Response to “July 24, 2014”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Awesome news. I can’t wait to see Pelican Dreams!

    Great poster, btw. Those Great White pelicans in St James Park (London) just kill me. Fun true fact: Great Whites eat live pigeons! Check it out on YouTube!

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